First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in the 2018 Lake Jovita Ladies Member Guest Tourney!
Congratulations to Mrs McBath and Mrs Larsen, our 2018 Member Guest Champions!

The format of the tournament was two 18 hole rounds:
Round 1 – Two Woman Scramble
Round 2 – Best Ball
1st place Gross and Net from each flight qualified for the shootout which was held on holes 17 and 18 of the North Course.

The Results are as follows:
Flight #1
1st Gross: Mrs Semeraro and Mrs Coulter with a score of 143(-1)
1st Net: Mrs Rhee and Mrs Wolf with a score of 132.3(-11.7)
2nd Net: Mrs Bates and Mrs Ober with a score of 136.25(-7.75)
3rd Net: Mrs Marks and Mrs Marks with a score of 137.45(-6.55)

Flight #2
1st Gross: Mrs Pillsbury and Mrs Bryant with a score of 163(+19)
1st Net: Mrs McBath and Mrs Larsen with a score of 133.1(-10.9)
2nd Net: Mrs Renninger and Mrs Marinelli with a score of 137(-7)
3rd Net: Mrs Hunter and Mrs Platt with a score of 137.15(-6.85)

Flight #3
1st Gross: Mrs Wenning and Mrs Carter with a score of 164(+20)
1st Net: Mrs Collier and Mrs Gresham with a score of 123.25(-20.75)
2nd Net: Mrs Taravella and Mrs Farrell with a score of 134.7(-9.3)
3rd Net: Mrs Cochran and Mrs Hill with a score of 135.88(-8.12)

Flight #4
1st Gross: Mrs McGuinness and Mrs Murphy with a score of 175(+31)
1st Net: Mrs Rossettie and Mrs Grabanski with a score of 136.5(-7.5)
2nd Net: Mrs Sangster and Mrs Delisle with a score of 139(-5)
3rd Net: Mrs Lucas and Mrs Turner with a score of 139.7(-4.3)

Once again we would like to thank you all for you help and participation and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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