2018 Men’s Member Guest

Thank everyone who participated in the Member Guest this year.  Once again we had another successful event and look forward to the next year.

I want to congratulate our 2018 Men’s Member Guest Champions Tom Wieclaw and Rick Sitek.

Format: Six nine hole matches played within the flights.  Each team with the most points in their flight moved on to the shoot out.  The shoot out consisted of three holes (14,17,18) played on the South Course.


Johnson Flight:
William Sangster/Brian Ingalls-   33.5 points
David Coppock/Dain Coppock-   34 points
William Citron/Tim McGuirk-       34 points
John Prentice/Collin Prentice-     31.5 points
Joe Semeraro/John Semeraro-   34.5 points
Alan Payne/ John Noriega-          20.5 points

Thomas Flight:
Steve Collier/David Eddy-            28 points
Marty Anderson/Marty Quincey-  35.5 points
Jim Moreno/Paul Mcilravy-           33 points
Tom Schrader/Tom Empric-         33 points
Edwin Colon/Edwin Colon Jr-       34 points
Brad Marks/Dave Marks-              24.5 points

Spieth Flight:
William Smith/Mike Walker-          28 points
Bob Davis/Eric Chavez-                31.5 points
Harry Blackstone/AJ Blackstone-  37 points
Gordy Lewis/Tim Cable-                33 points
Wayne Mooney/David Barber-      23.5 points
Scott Chaney/Rob Bland-              36.5 Points

Rahm Flight:
Wayne Smith/Gary Pettit-               32.5 points
Ricardo Gonzalez/Orlando Lugo-   36 points
Dennis Brown/Bud Barron-             32.5 points
Steve Ricker/Jeff Hamley-               37.5 points
John Sass/Lenox Cooke-                24.5 points
Jim Aultman/Sal Colletti-                 33 points

Rose Flight:
David Cochran/Tom Standridge-     32.5 points
Steven Arruda/ William Walbridge-  29.5 points
Ken Lucas/Jeff Lucas-                     38 points
Jack Flynn/Bryce Flynn-                  28.5 points
Rob Wenning/David Hawkins-         32.5 points
Art Mulkey/Gary Leroy                     30.5 points

Fowler Flight:
Sean Poole/Raymond Hyer-             30.5 points
Peter Van Schie/Len Wright-            35 points
Bill Glynn/Billy Glynn Jr-                    34 points
Chris Overbeck/Chris Overbeck III-  28.5 points
Ric Cartwright/Tom Farina-               25.5 points
Tom Wieclaw/Rick Sitek-                  35.5 points

McIlroy Flight:
David Bramuchi/Dan Bramuchi-         33 points
Erik Pierce/Rick Jablonski-                 32.5 points
Bill Christie/Rickard Cassini-               34 points
Tom Rosser/Burton Segel-                 41 points
David Brown/Jay Hatch-                     30.5 points
Gary Taravella/Anthony Colello-         22.5 points

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year.

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