2018-2019 Jovita Cup Schedule

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  • October 6th  Quota Game –
  • November 17th & 18th Club Championship (2 day) – 
  • December 29th 6-6-6
  • January 19th ABCD – RESULTS HERE
  • February 9th & 10th Member-Member (2 day)
  • February 23rd Lone Ranger (Team Game)
  • March 30th & 31st Member Guest (2 day)
  • April 27th Indivual Scramble ( Sign Up )

( Schedule is subject to change )

Jovita Cup Info

Jovita Cup Eligibility

  • Golf members in good standing at Lake Jovita G & CC.
  • Players of all playing ability are welcome
  • Players of all ages are welcome.
  • Guest of members are welcome to play along with the group but may not participate in the game

Handicaps and Tees Played

  • Percentage of course handicap used will be based on the format of each game.
  • Team games may have an adjustment for handicaps based on ABCD players
  • Tournaments will be based off the red tees for both golf courses.
  • Post able scores from the Jovita Cup will be post as a tournament score by the Lake Jovita Pro Staff as a tournament score
  • Individual handicap adjustment for player scoring outside their normal scoring.
    • The committee may adjust a players handicap if there is more than a 3 stroke difference between GHIN handicap and handicap acquired during Jovita Cup Events
  • All players will play from the red or yellow tees.


  • 100% of all money collected from entry fees and membership is payout.
  • $1 from all entry fees goes to the Hole in One pot.
  • $3 from all entry fees goes to end of the year payout and party
  • Hole in One pot grows until an ace is made during a Jovita Cup only event
  • (Majors are excluded from the Hole in One pot)
  • Payouts are always based on participation and between 27-35% of the field will be paid out.
  • Standard payout is 1st gross, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • (payouts may changed with out notice by tournament committee)

Pace of Play

  • A 2 stroke penalty will be given to entire group for slow play
  • Time allowed for 18 holes is 4 hrs. and 20 minutes
  • Penalty will only be given if a group finishes in more that 4hrs and 10 min and more than 10 minutes from the group in front of them.
  • The clock stops when the scorecard is turned in.

Player of the Year

  • Annually there will be a Player of the Year
  • The player of the year is the player who wins the end of the year shootout
  • Only the top 20-point earners will earn a spot in the end of the year shootout.

Tee Times/Pairings/Team Selection

  • Tee times will be handed out on Thursday for a Saturday Game
  • Pairings will be done by the Lake Jovita Pro Staff
  • Any special consideration for time or group will need to requested at time of registration
  • Pro Shop will do its best to pair players of similar ability and playing style
  • Majority of all events will play in tee times

Points Breakdown

  • Points will be awarded to all player who participate in a Jovita Cup event
  • There will be increased points based on how a player finishes
  • 5 pts. are awarded to each player for participation
  • Standard Point Breakdown:
  • 1st place gross 20pts, 1st place net 20 pts, 2nd place net 15pts, 3rd place net 12pts
  • For major events or multi day events points are increase.

Games and Formats

Six points are available on each hole with four points being awarded to the player with the best score, two points for the second best score, and zero points to the player with the worst score. If there is a tie for the best score then the points are divided evenly 3-3-0 or 2-2-2 depending on the whether it was a two or three player tie. If there is a tie for second place then the points are divided up 4-1-1.

Strokes on the ten most difficult holes (holes handicap rated 1-10) and no extra stokes on the other eight holes. The net score when then be applied to the scoring system above.

Note: The field will be divided into 3 teams. Each team will have one player in each group. The winning team will be the team that records the most points from all pairing groups. Jovita Cup standing points will be given out to all players on the winning team. Also the player the records the most total points won will have an individual prize.

Individual Quota
Each player will be given a “Quota” of points based on their course handicap. A player with a course handicap of 10 will need receive a “Quota” of 26 (36 minus 10). Players will gain points by how they complete each hole. Point breakdown Eagle 8 pts. Birdie 4pts. Par 2pts. Bogey 1pts. 0 points for all higher scores.

Note: Event will be flighted based on participation. Optional Skins will be available

Lone Ranger
Four player game. Players will sign up individually and will be placed in team by the committee. There will be an A, B, C, D player in each group. In each group players will be pre selected to a hole that their score is going to count. The scorecard will show how which holes are selected for each player. The other 3 players will be best ball on the hole to make a 2 ball score for each hole.

Note: This event will not be flighted. Skins will be for the team and Skins will be part of the entry fee.

Club Championship
Individual low gross and low net.

Note: This is a club event players from outside the Jovita Cup may be participating in this event. Points will be distributed only to players of the Jovita Cup. Example (Player outside the Jovita Cup wins the next highest finishing Player from the Jovita Cup Series will be awarded 1st place points)

Note: Points for this event are double as this is a Jovita Cup Major

4 woman game players will sign up individually and be placed on teams by the committee. This event will not be flighted. This is a two best ball format. Players must select one gross and one net ball on each hole. The gross and net ball cannot be the same ball.

Note. Optional Skins

This is another major event. The club puts this event together for format and scoring.

Note: Jovita Cup will distribute points only to players of the Jovita Cup Series. In the event Jovita Cup players do not win the next highest finishing Jovita Cup player will be awarded the points.

Note: This is double points

Note: Jovita Cup Series Points will be 40pts. For all players on the winning team and 10pts for all players on the losing team. Prize money will be for the entire team. No Skins for this event.

Member – Guest
3 day major. Players will be playing in 4 ball 9 hole matches. Points will be given to teams for winning a hole. Jovita Cup scoring will be the team that finishes with the highest number of points for the entire event.

Note: Points will be triple for this event. This is only net and for the Jovita Cup Series there will only be one flight. 30% of the field will be awarded winning points. Teams outside the top 30% will only be given participation points.

The end of the year shootout is for the top 20 point earners for the Jovita Cup Series. Players 15-20 will play 3 holes with the 2 low players advancing. Next 3 holes players 10-14 with the 2 remaining players will play another 3 holes with the 2 low players advancing. Next 3 holes players 5-9 will play with the 2 remaining players with the low 2 players advancing. Next 3 holes players 1-4 will play with the remaining 3 low players advancing. It will finish with the 3 remaining players playing a one hole playoff.

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